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  1. gandalfx77

    I might buy my first car this weekend.. and i have been stressed... Sounds stupid.. but yeah.. :/

  2. Don Kevin

    This and a platinum Rolex day date.

  3. Don Kevin

    Perfect Aston.

  4. Jordan White Reece’s dad

    Awesome. Proper heartfelt love and work went into that. Love it when people come together and sort stuff. Beautiful!! …. Side note: I have a tired old D3 that needs help 😢🤷‍♂️😘😂

  5. Yamato Of Redania

    Yup whenever I leave my car, I always press the lock button like 3x just in case😂then look over a few times while walking away..

  6. Gloomy Neko

    The lights instrumental had me feeling nostalgic, I miss the early 2010’s

  7. theedrstrangelove

    Have to laugh. In high school auto shop we had two pickups running on waste oil. That was in 1980. Paper filterslike cone coffee filters will bring everything down to less than 2 microns.

  8. L.A Costa

    Who tf is John cena??? Get him tf out of here bruh

  9. Dylan Cade

    super bummed. buys mustang drives like a grandma fails to do burnout and sells it

  10. kfl611

    I think the simplex is prettier.

  11. Dylan Cade

    this is foxbody bones in a fat girls body. and that 45 degree elbow made into the upper intake kills the power. these can be quite good if you do just alittle work. sadly i doubt its that easy across he pond

  12. Jesse Cracknell

    Rate my car kia rio 2021

  13. Art Vandelay

    Make a video on an alfa romeo v6 (156, 166 GTV or GT)!

  14. Marley

    Tokyo drift was by far my favourite film out of F&F 😋

  15. TheBreaker

    It is ridiculous you dont change the headlight, you polish it.Check Volvos vida manual. Todays car have plastic covers and you dont polish with toothpaste.

  16. John Fitton

    So didnt sell Colin ?

  17. Joseph Martin-Smith

    You should 2jz swap it

  18. Lucas Lagrange

    sung kang is on his game in this vid

  19. Shane Scott

    God dam it, I don't even like em, but im off to autotrader now lol.


    5k for a 300zx??? (Edit) I understand now

  21. Nicole Dirda

    wow. only 1500 to fix it? thats a great deal

  22. TheFourBanger

    How about a opel bertone

  23. I'm_James

    Car looks Awesome bro 👌 Meet up Needed!

  24. Omar Smith

    I've driven for almost 10 years, never driven a convertible. Lads, what am I missing?

  25. RockFox!

    Crush the 300ZX

  26. Huw Jones

    Nice job, saved from becoming a shitbox. Now the work has been done.

  27. Maurizio Randazzo

    The crazy thing about the twincharged four-cylinder in the Lancia Delta S4 is not that it makes 550 horsepower, but that it makes 550 horsepower in a mild state of tune.

  28. Peaky Meowees

    because it costs 200€ that does not mean u should stand on it

  29. Steven King

    2 guys 1 pint

  30. Dr Gru

    0:57 where is John Cena guy?



  32. Zabarocky

    Please can someone link where to get the redesigned tombstone or provide a print for it, thank you very much

  33. harry333

    The Chevy Green is beautiful!

  34. Day Late and Dollar Short

    I will exchange my Shell loyalty card for Tesco! LOL

  35. Lance Thompson

    I swear people just dislike anything on ROfor like how does this have 140 dislikes

  36. Tmn pursuit

    Piles would have been a good name

  37. Bach Pham

    Then why petrol version is usually more expensive than diesel version of the same car model?

  38. Mark Fox

    <Sees title, thinks "Who gives a fuck", stops video>

  39. AyAnMaX

    Congrats on 3 million

  40. Marcelo Leal

    Let’s also acknowledge that Mercedes was selling the fugly and cheap A class in the early 2000s

  41. Jsjsjajansb Dudhusja

    Just bought a dark grey 2005 330ci zhp 107k miles 6 speed

  42. Leo

    wow John Xina

  43. Jordan Melendrez

    Just bought me an black 03 Z with 180,000 for only 4,800 and everything works plus all the seals have been replaced. I fookin love it!! I honestly don't know how people daily cars with more horsepower than that I would get tickets everyday

  44. Erik

    i need to 330d swap my 325it now

  45. Simon Main

    Saab were always underrated, I had a 9-5 turbo estate..... Regularly used to leave the German equivalent standing 😁

  46. Miljörör för Språkpartiet

    When you say JDM, it actually seems based on the mid-80s Lancer.

  47. NoblePineapples

    So happy for James!

  48. Zahid Hasan

    Those Phil Collins lines though ♥️

  49. ttownscott

    I know you're probably biased, but what would be the pros / cons 2001 2.7 Boxster vs 2003 2.5 z4 both base models? both under 100k miles

  50. Ethan Hartley

    Proposed video idea: give 4 subscribers £500-1000 to each buy a car to compete in challenges you set. I volunteer if this every happens,

  51. Haley Edwards

    Do you like? My car?

  52. Edward Osako

    I just realized I need more than 4 minutes to learn this stuff. All I could hear was a buzz in my ear.

  53. jeromic

    the real comparison would be forester vs outlander, both are suv

  54. Damien Palianta

    that siphoning process gave me ptsd....

  55. Bryan Jimenez

    I feel like these guys simply dont like stanced cars

  56. Red Wolf Racing

    You want a laugh, go into the Porsche dealership and ask for a quote on new clutch, flywheel, IMS and cam chain tensioners. ( Mine is a 2000 986S) They don't sell a IMS bearing replacement. £8000 to change the IMS..... Most likely a new short block. the price for the clutch and fly wheel was not to bad. Crazy. Once the maintenance is done it is going to BDS. A note on buying one, try and find an early S. My early S is much cheaper to buy road tax for than a 2001 car and is likely to have the better IMS fitted and no traction control (Talent Compensation). Stock they understeer badly I was disappointed to start with. But fitting H&R up rated anti roll bars (sway bars for the Yanks) transformed the front end. And the way they go from 3rd to the top of 5th gear is enough to deal with a lot of newer cars with higher horse power.

  57. Zombie Ghost Ninja

    *”That math isn’t right.”* made me die laughing for some reason lol

  58. Oddball 2012

    I typed desperate and unfunny into google and this video came up.

  59. Invictus

    can you restore my car im poor

  60. IOUaUsername

    Should have wrapped it in orange for him.

  61. Justin Buckley

    Wow I don't think this video has aged all that well. Can't remember the last time I heard of "Twerking" and "Miley Cyrus"

  62. Rob Lugo

    Wholesome Pimp my Ride

  63. Maurice Inge

    I picked up on these naturally

  64. kayzd

    i dont care how old a car is. a thorough, extensive detail never ceases to wow me, definitely bringing a car back to life 😮

  65. Mayank Maximum

    Then a Maruti 800 would cost as a c8 in uk

  66. Nebs

    I don't think we got the facelifted model in Australia.. It looks nicer than the pre 2006 one.

  67. Adam Robledo

    My pt cruiser is a different animal compared that one 😂

  68. Mario Vorkauf

    fix it and sell for a profit!!!

  69. Make it Nice

    No more on this series?

  70. Hunter Adams

    I’m still just confused by the mystichrome fiesta

  71. The Rookie cop

    Huh...so this is where GTA got the idea for half the mods in the LS tuners update...

  72. Mcbgaming95

    Lol carwow do it better this is wtf

  73. Moony

    Turn right to go left guys

  74. Saucy_ Sauce

    Am I the only one who was disappointed when they told John Cena “nice to see you” 😂

  75. CatBroiler

    Replacing all the wiring?

  76. Sandy BoleYT

    fun fact the LFA's exhaust and engine note was tuned by the Yamaha piano company and they added components to produce a tone like no other

  77. Vencedor Uberstar

    2.0L Supercharged or Turbocharged LNF/LDK/LHU Ecotec, Or the 2.4L LE5 Ecotec, should be added to this list.