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    On this week's Car Throttle Podcast, Alex vents about delivery drivers, Jack shines a spotlight on a ROfor channel he's been enjoying, and Gareth reveals what's happened with his M4!

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    1. Stephen O'Grady

      This podcast is my salvation from the shit show that is NSW Australia where I live. Thank you

    2. Gareth Starkey

      I am a biker I ireland and I hate a car driver on their phone my argument is if we have Bluetooth intercom in our helmet why they have something similar.

    3. Jay

      New car throttle challenge... Convert a van into a camper. Bed, kitchen, shower, toilet

    4. TheMartieboi89

      VRS stands for Victory Rally Sport and RS is Renn Sport or Racing Sport

    5. Brian said it so it Must be true

      No Taxi drivers take some beating ... They are the pits

    6. Brian

      Me and my friends used to play destruction derby with lego cars it had to have at least 1 engine and 2 wheels attached to be deemed raceable so we would build them up sit in a circle and push them into a centre point at full speed until you got a winner

    7. Camillo Steuss

      As a former dpd driver, i can confirm that most drivers drive like maniacs, the delivery van drivers, but its for a good reason... Go get a job in a delivery company like that and see for yourself where is the hurry, the disregard for any vehicle apart from other cargo drivers... People dont respect cargo vehicles and the list of shit that comes with having no back windows, no center mirror, a 7 m long body following you around, waiting for you to turn a bit too soon for it to crash into a curb... Most of us drive like man because we finish as soon as we deliver all the shit and return, so the faster we drive, the faster we wrap the delivery for the day... Second, in regards to driving like drunk degenerates, most of us are actually sober, just bored and annoyed by 60 previous addresses where people know that a package is arriving, but they arent at home, arent picking up the phone, dont have enough money or similar shit... all of which cumulatively adds up very quickly meaning that we are late for pick ups that we have when we are done with deliveries, which is a problem for us, again resolved and avoided by speed and lunacy... Delivering over 60 to 100 packages a day, with then having at least 10 places to see and pick stuff up from, then to return to the hangar, drop shit, have it processed for further transport, finish with the accounting for the day, and you are done at 5 or even 6 pm, and you started the day at 5 am... were at 6 already sorting the arriving packages and so on... Never expect delivery van drivers to be in a good mood or drive nice, because they are payed pathetically, have a shit job, deal with much more than one would think, have no real time for a break to eat or drink, its all done on the fly... Most of us talk while driving non stop, as we have to call the next address to let the person know that we are about to arrive, and for them to prepare the fucking money, as not to waste 4 minutes of our time, which can quickly over 60 times add up into hours of wasted time, that you can not do anything about unless you call the person and have them ready with the money in hand and waiting at the door for the parcel... Drivers are expected to be nice, represent the company, talk to you, serve you, have fun, rest, eat and drink, but when you are handed a load at the start of the day, you know that there is no time for anything that you didnt bring along with ya, or can maybe pick up if you are delivering to a store that holds food and drink... Most cargo van drivers are actually very good drivers, because we cross thousands of miles on a weekly basis, in a vehicle much more demanding than a regular car, and we do it all under pressure, and rarely do you see a van driver cause an accident, yeah, we will smash your garbage can on purpose, because it wont harm the van, I had a dozen minor crashes when i knew i could just drive it off without reporting anything, as its not really damaging the van, it speeds us along, and you who does mind it... well... fuck you, you didnt get up at 5, started inhaling cardboard dust at 15 to 6, went out at 7 and arent going to end shift at 5, only to have a drive back home then... That my dear friends is the story of your average cargo van driver, all masked under a nice face, because its not really your fault, its the corporate policies that result in such conditions, but given that the van driver works for a guy who works for a guy who works for dpd or whoever, your boss is actually your friend, as he knows your problems, and you wont scream at him, nor at the customer, but you will drive like a piece of shit, damage stuff along the path and bully others, as that is the only way an average van driver can express his rage at the world, without being scum towards his beloved ones... You target the anonymous, the one who left that stupid garbage can there in your way, the idiot driving in your dead rear area which you cant see, but know that someone is in and is a possible fucking hours long delay for you, coupled with a possible costly fee from the company if your crash damages more than 500$ worth of parcels, which in a van full of them is not hard to do... Shit, I had TV screens and such shit that go for 1.5k$ per piece, or speakers and such, and you may not be responsible for the van, but parcels, oh, they are your sole and utter responsibility... Dont think bad of cargo drivers, they have it bad and hard, every fucking day... Be nice to them, 85% of cargo drivers are incredibly nice, whether they murder prostitutes or not, a smile, a wave, a friendly moving out of the way, rather than being a little shit in that can that is a bit larger than an average wheel of a truck...

    8. Victor Moraal

      Once driving in rush hour around Amsterdam, I saw a woman with her phone in a cradle on top of the dash watching a Netflix show while on the motorway... Some people really should get their licenses revoked.

    9. Stranded films

      for the road trip car i would say a mk2 honda crv 2.2 diesel if you could find around that price

    10. byways Green lanes

      Why are you all sat with no shoe's on?

    11. AspireRacer

      Ethan wtf! That is the worst attitude I've ever heard... A garage is specifically designed to put your freakin car in, not some shit stuff that is specifically predestined for a damn shed! So many people park their cars on the road even though they have a garage but that is then full of crap. Also, a garage acts as protection for your car. I could rant about this for hours

    12. gogzy

      You know the worst thing about the dpd guy, his van has built in bluetooth to the radio. I was a delivery driver but i finished a month before lockdown last year after 10 years. overworked underpaid its a tough job sstill no excuse to be on your phone though

    13. Tom Cassidy

      Alex is drinking from a normal sized bottle at 50:10 😂

    14. trevgev

      39:55 I see what you did there Gareth ...

    15. Daren Faulkner

      Top vid lads keep them coming. Where did you get that pic of the DPD driver on his phone

    16. GLH8

      VRS is short for Victory Rally Sport

    17. Ken Ware

      You need to get out to Russia. Every single taxi I was in when over there for the World Cup was Facetiming someone... And had at least one large crack on the windscreen... And drove like something out of Grand Theft Auto.

    18. Roofaru

      give logic motor sport a call in Stockport. some of their mechanics have mx5's

    19. Josh kelly

      Just noticed Alex only has one sock on!

    20. Mark Wright

      If you were in the Volkswagen factory, the car becomes a car as soon as an order is placed on the first part to join the assembly line, I think it's the floor pan that they then weld the sides and firewall to, because that's when they apply the tags to track the progress of certain cars around the factory in order to do all the just in time ordering of parts for the rest of assembly. For me it's the shell. It doesn't need to have doors, windows, or subframes for engine etc for me to call it a car. If there's a recognisable outline from at least 2 angles of the car it is to become It's a car to me. By that point it is committed to becoming a car and not a shelving unit or something in my opinion. A floor pan by itself is a part to be added to a car, you can replace a full floor pan in a completed car, but the shell is the point where 3 or more substantial panels have been joined to resemble the car. For body-on-frame cars it's a bit more difficult. The shell isn't itself a car in that case in my opinion, it needs a chassis to have suspension, wheels, engine, etc to be added to make it a car, but you can also have a rolling chassis that is fully kitted out with drivetrain components that makes that a car without a body shell mounted. If it's unibody, it needs to look like the body of the car it's to become, if it's body-on-frame then frame/chassis + body shell or frame/chassis + drivetrain components, 'rolling chassis'.

    21. Mark Wright

      I think I've overthought the sand thing. You will distort the heap each time you remove a grain, and if you always take off the top you will eventually flatten the heap until it's no longer a heap but say 1000 grains spread across a table. At some point in between you will squash the heap when removing a grain to where it will no longer be a heap, say when the height falls below 50% of it's diameter/average diameter at its base while also being below a boundary between an inconceivable number of grains and a somewhat conceivable number of grains, all within context. A heap of sand in a quarry would need to be vastly larger than sand heaped on a teaspoon. Basically I think there is a point where removing a single grain of sand is the defining moment when the heap is no longer a heap, but more dependant on when the person removing the grains squashes the heap, and if you have several people watching they will each have a different grain in mind that made that difference from heap to not a heap.

    22. Mark Wright

      If it's cars in a car park then 3-5 cars is a few, 6-11 is several, 12-21 is a good few, 21-35/45 is a brave ween, although it doesn't really have much of a upper limit until the car park is packed. Norn Iron (Northern Ireland) lingo is probably a bit different to England. You see 30 cars in a 90 space car park 'There's a brave ween o' motors in thon car park'. :)

    23. life by drone

      Half of the delivery drivers have never taken a UK test. And it shows.

    24. Connor Cole

      Having an electric Audi I relate to the whole speeding without realising because of no noise 😂 it’s so disorientating

    25. 6ettinold

      I've reported a few can drivers to their bosses. Two were sacked the same day, one of them a week before Christmas - he narrowly missed wiping out a school bus whilst on his phone. Another guy who gave me the finger when I shouted at him to get off his phone, spent 3 days on a re-training course. I'd urge anyone to get and company names if possible. It isn't grassing up - some of these drivers do 50k+ miles a year.

    26. Darren Smith

      We had a DPD driver crash into our house last month. He got out stuffing his face. Whoops.

    27. ITSMEEE

      Is this only once every 2 weeks now :( come on lads.... weekly 👌

    28. S4 Adventures

      Why does Alex have one sock on????????

    29. AndyB365

      As far as I'm aware vRS when it was introduced on the Mk1 Octavia was actually only RS. They're registered as Octavia RS turbos. The 'v' (lowercase) represents the chevron above the Š in Škoda when written properly. Recently however Škoda has decided the 'v' now represents 'victory'. The RS of course does stand for Rally Sport and Škoda did take the Octavia Mk1 rallying, even making a limited run of 100 'WRC edition' cars, with the livery and white rims, to be sold to the general public.

    30. Matt Carruthers

      Ethan looks so embarrassed with your unpopular opinion jingle😂

    31. Superradial

      Defo agree, bring back the old fashioned sunroof!

    32. David Jones

      It's 6 points

    33. Scott Dobson

      Anyone else notice Alex on has one sock on?

    34. Callum Featherstone

      Am I the only one who noticed that Alex is only wearing one sock

    35. Tenbrickshouse

      You know What grinds my gears is that they don’t have a daily podcast bc I’ve got to the point where Im having to listen to repeats and it isn’t as fun


      I think I read somewhere that sunroofs, at least those places that used to be able to shove an after market sunroof on any car at the time, weakened the structural integrity of the car whereas pano roofs would probably still maintain it more so? Maybe it has something to do with that

    37. Darren Hawkes

      Giraffe chasing & cow tipping? This show gets better & better, best one yet guys, more like this please!

    38. Ben Cove

      Why does Alex only have one sock on?

    39. Iain McMahon

      A well you’d know none are you delivery drivers was one for 15years on a very busy circuit and the stress and pressure s are unreal and yes you shouldn’t be on your phone get hands free

    40. Adam Sher

      There are different kinds of delivery drivers. The ones you're referring to, the likes of DPD, Yodel, Amazon, Hermes etc are all multi-drop drivers and they have to deliver x amount of parcels a day within a certain time frame and are constantly against the clock, hence rushing around, plus for the majority, the vans are not their own. Others (where I fall in) are Same Day owner drivers, where we buy and run our own van and collect from point A delivering to point B whether local or distance across the country. We all get tarnished with the same brush which to be honest isnt right and hope this clears it up a little...

    41. tominator23

      Disappointed Alex got rid of his old laptop.

    42. Cearan Bright

      Well it turns out vrs stands for victory racing skoda but it's only vrs in the UK rs elsewhere. Learned something new about my car today I guess haha

    43. English_Drifts69 (GTx-RED)

      Using a phone is 6 points and £200 fine but it’s technically not illegal to take pictures and stuff while driving but thats going to be illegal this year.

    44. Jival Roopnarian

      I want to see the Octavia vs phil

    45. milkybottles

      Are the biscuits on the table fox's crunch creams, and why didn't anyone eat them?

    46. Just a Guy on a bike

      Alex why on earth do you only have one sock on!! Haha 😂

    47. Adam

      Delivery driver here 100% agree usually we put in addresses

    48. Mari Slater-Parry

      Has anyone else noticed Alex is always only ever wearing one sock? And sometimes he switches which foot it's on half way through the video 🤣 WHY?!

    49. Wenton M

      I drive for a big company and am contracted as employee. Dpd on other hand is self employed, I could be wrong but I think they just pass checks and get let on the road where as my company does training, has strict policies. assessments, speed limiters and speed tracking devices. I wouldn't say all are bad but companies that take on self employed people are to blame. Them jobs are disposable and that's how they are treated especially during lockdown when the need for drivers went up and anyone with a licence thought fuck it I'll do this for a quick buck.

    50. Sebastian Paris

      Why does Alex have just one sock on, I'll be honest that distracts me.

    51. Daniel Wheeler

      I smell BS!... If you are giving a car the beans how would an old man follow you home?

    52. 19Loggie91

      Would love to hear more stores of Gareth’s child hood 😂😂

    53. Thrifty Outdoors

      Regarding pile of sand, a car is car when it has wheels, that is unless said car with wheels is a VAG then it is a shed

    54. Sean Dunne

      Times must be hard, Alex has lost a sock and can't afford to replace them... Love the channel guy, keep it up!!

    55. AM

      Yes, some delivery drivers are awful; what I will say is having worked for a large online retailer in delivery. They constantly ride your dick to hurry up. Give you far too many drops than are actually possible. I now work for a decent company driving and witnessing some people’s ability (or the lack of) is so concerning.

    56. TwistSouth

      Why does Alex only have one sock on…?

    57. George

      I Was watching for them to eat a biscuit

    58. MotoTard910

      I drive for Amazon and can say our drops have sky rocketed since March last year and we are in the middle of a battle with them to lower the amount we are expected to do in a day. Every driver I know doesn’t wear there seat belt or even turn the engine off at stops because we simply don’t have time. Hoping we get a victory soon so everyone can drive slower and actually take breaks. The bbc did a programme about this a couple weeks ago. We are not bad drivers just over worked and exhausted 🙃

    59. Rowan Hooper

      Thank you so much guys for putting my question in the podcast

    60. Josh Craven

      When does a car become a car? That is some Gandhi shit there.

    61. karl

      Ouch not all delivery drivers are bad 😂 I dive motorbikes cars and used to drive tanks 🤫as a delivery driver myself I don't use a phone and always make sure move over always looking for that biker nod and get angry and beep at people using phones love the content boys keep it up

    62. W O

      this channel is crashing and burning, these talk videos are lowering your views for your bigger videos, doesn't anyone working at this company notice that or is this just a bunch of amateurs working together? Your channel views have been declining majorly since last year, around the time you started adding these type of videos, don't see the correlation lol. I run a channel with over 1 billion views for reference (not on this account obviously). Whoever is the main person in charge of ideas and running this channel needs to be replaced or sell it to another more qualified company

    63. Steven Currie

      The amount of people I see on their phones in cars that 100% have Bluetooth is ridiculous! Also Delivery drivers tend to be twats on the roads

    64. Jon Brown

      'They all sound the same' To northerners everyone from the south east sound like cockneys.

    65. Tobias Stankiewicz

      On your phone? GET A FRICKING HEADSET! Do not play with my or somebody else Life!

    66. Scott

      It's illegal to sleep in your car if you're drunk

    67. DelSolTypeR1987

      Been following Danny DC2 for a long time now. He has awesome content. Love his Nurburg trip clips 👌🏻

    68. spyburn007

      Decent biscuit

    69. Cashmeister96

      Nah Alex it's 6 points and £200 fine

    70. triple beatz

      in answer of the panel roofs in new cars. i kinda hate it. a jear ago i needed to use a car from my garage. my own car was in maintenance. the car had a large panoramic glass roof. wen driving the sun hits ur head so hard. almost blinding everyone inside the car. and no way to shade or close the roof. secondly wen ur not driving the car. standing still on a driveway. wen i geth in the car is boiling hot inside. u canot touch the steering weel becous its way to hot. 3th wen driving in nicht. the street lichts flash way harder inside the car. wich is distrackting aloth. those roofs are nice for passengers or kids. they can look outside way more. bud for drivers its a pain

    71. Michel te Braake

      Alex, where is your Toyota MR2 that you would get ready for race, then you can race Dan Silverster in his MR2 (he does quite well in the MR2 race series). We love to see this fight!

    72. Rob Tuffin

      My finger was hovered over the skip forward button as Alex started to sing. I just do not need that in my life. Also, Ethan's car reviews are bang on. No bullshit, just the things you didn't think people needed to know.

    73. Dianna DeepWhite

      RS means “Road Sailing” according to Honda back in the late ‘70s with their Civic 1200 RS

    74. mohamed jasim

      the answer is globally YES

    75. George Austers

      Isn't it 6 points for being on your phone while driving?

    76. G.A.

      I've got a new shape Octavia Estate and it's pretty fucking impressive ngl

    77. Nick Bell

      the "am I the arsehole" story is so incoherent, had to go back and listen again twice.

    78. Har 1019

      y is alex wearing 1 sock


      Yes they are. And I've been a delivery driver for Amazon, DPD, and 3 other courier companies. Did my fair share of stupid things

    80. Dan and Oliver

      Wooden sleepers weigh between 160 to 200+ lbs

    81. Revolutions88

      So Morrisons fuel isn't good then ?

    82. GarThor Son of Odin

      There are RC cars that do run on gasoline btw... so... its not mutually exclusive.

    83. GarThor Son of Odin

      I slept on the roof of a minivan once, it was aweful... don't do that


      around 70% of components and assembled enough to at least resemble a car

    85. daniel petrov

      I have noticed that Alex got a new laptop

    86. Daniel Edwards

      Parcel Delivery drivers are definitely the worst, especially DPD drivers. Was going to work with my cousin/boss driving up to Caffeine and Machine and this dick in a DPD local pulled out of C&M's front car park, fortunately my cousin could swerve as there was no oncoming traffic. He pulled over but resisted putting an axe through his aheadlights, but still got out and gave the bird, quite incredible the front end of my cousin's pick up ain't buried in the side of this DPD van. Released a few days later he's now our new DPD delivery guy and has delivered to my cousins house multiple times. 🤣🤣👍 The next close call with a DPD van was a few days ago when my dad was driving in town probably pushing 30mph and this DPD van reverses straight out of a junction. My Dad swerved around him while leaning on the horn, then the guy tailgated us cuz it was obviously our fault he reversed out of a junction on to a main road... Yeah DPD drivers are definitely the worst!! 🤬🤬🤣🤣👌

    87. Bailey Howson

      why does alex have only one sock on...

    88. JupiterSpring

      Alex, think you tweeted a dead DPD Twitter account.

    89. WingCommander Falcon

      Alex, just one question. Why just the one sock?

    90. Andy Outlaw

      I’m a 53-year old fully grown man and Alex’s weekly renditions of the ‘Unpopular opinions’ announcement absolutely crack me up! Do not stop this! All the best!

    91. Razor's Retro Game Shelf

      I rattle canned my Racing Beat front nose for my NA this past weekend as well (also silver) and it turned out great like yours, Jack. 2 cans of white self-etching primer, 3 cans of 3L Stone Silver paint from Paints4U, a very light sanding and a further can of 3L Stone Silver paint and finally 4 cans of clear coat and it's turned out brilliant. The colour match is spot on. Always a satisfying job when it turns out nicely.

    92. icanrunat3200mhz

      So when I drained the tank of my car, it temporarily ceased to be a car, according to Jack's logic? I think he could easily qualify it by saying, "all the _mechanical parts_ necessary to run, drive, turn, and stop"

    93. Christian Wernher

      Oh man... No E-Mail for Ethan with "ma wife". I'm a bit disappointed

    94. Ashley Curtis

      As a delivery driver I would say there is no excuse to be driving while o the phone my van has Bluetooth and my phone is connected to it from the moment I get in the van till the moment I get out of it at the end of the day..

    95. Hbarraid

      Woah... I got fined 90 Euros in when driving in France in 2018. Got caught doing 93 in a 70kph just after the limit went down from 130kph... Couldn't believe it when the letter came through the post.

    96. C.V Wright

      If there is forward a backward propulsion, it can steer, it can stop, there is somewhere to sit and a cage to keep you away from the elements, it’s a car. As long as all are present it’s a car, regardless of condition.

    97. Peter Simpson

      6 points and £200 currently. I've been a delivery driver for 16 years and have never used my phone on the open road. Tried using it on private land out of curiosity and I can see no way anyone can safely control a vehicle this way, even conversation with a passenger is distracting. I've trained as a driving instructor and have 26 years of experience, mostly good. Waiting to have a conversation won't kill anyone.

    98. George Ratcliffe

      The people going on the road trip should buy an Octavia estate

    99. VaultBlore

      A DPD driver knocked my car across a supermarket carpark (1 month old ND mx5) while I was inside and drove off, they don't give a shit. (Security cameras got the big DPD logo on the side. They denied they could find out who the driver was (camera didn't show plates).

    100. andrew sankus

      VRS stands for Victory Rally Sport