Can A 30-Year Old E30 M3 Keep Up With A New G80 M3?

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    For your chance to win a BMW E30 M3 and support a great cause, enter here:

    This week, Alex takes the legend that is the E30 M3 and tests its performance against the brand new G80 M3 to find out how far the game has moved on.

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    1. nuno666000

      Give me the E30 M3, dont give a F...... about the new one.

    2. alka1ine

      Honestly, after having a few E30s over the last 20yrs, I feel like most of the things he's critical about would all be "solved" with solid front control arm bushings and urethane subframe bushings...maybe a steering rack from e36 or z3 too, but I've never felt steering was slow at speed in my e30s, just annoying parallel parking or u-turns(the rare times I don't drop clutch to do an easy u-turn of course). I'm not sure how old he is, but I get the impression he grew up with most cars making "unnecessary" HP too easily and absolutely thrashing the drivetrain and bouncing off limiter sometimes feels wrong to him, but that's how the E30s like it on the track. Just treat them nice before and after to keep them happy for many miles to come.

    3. Ben

      E30 is a real looker but for me the e46 m3 was the sweet spot of m3s

    4. alberot11

      the new m3 vs the E60 M5 please

    5. Ramadika Ismanto

      The video title should've been the other way around, can the new M3 keep up with its predecessor


      BMW is back where it started. Vertical grills but bigger😂

    7. Emad M

      That new bmw have ugly front end

    8. Miikka Heinonen

      That front grille looks like an ass.

    9. год гев

      Revving till the end, bad shifting, bad exiting the turn... The e30 driver is bad

    10. az

      E30 all day. ❤

    11. Arash K

      One of the most boring voiceovers

    12. James Sawyer

      The grill looks so fcking UGLY!

    13. Hearing Visions

      everyone ever picks the e30 over that monstrosity of a grill.. its not even a car.. its just a grill.

    14. Geoffrey Gover-Sharpe

      That G80 is painfully ugly…

    15. Christopherig

      6:45 why is he lagging

    16. JFK KARZ

      E30 Grab it by the scruff of the neck and show it a good time... ; ) That G80 Front end is such a disappointment tho, even the number plate looks lost....

    17. John Scpmg

      Funny. Around tight twisty canyon roads, my stock e30 m3 is faster than most modern sports cars including gt3, 911 turbos and exotics. Don't brake too much, just enough to turn in and exit with some slip angles.

    18. David Mitchell

      First time watching these clowns. Probably the last after the disrespect shown to the E30 🖕 moaning because you have to actually DRIVE the E30 instead of steering the G80 pffft pommy wanker

    19. Pierré Grobbelaar

      I have seen what an Tuned E30 can do and it's also the only bmw that i would consider.Maybe the 330I as well.We have an E30 here running under 10sec quarter miles.Then there's also a roadworthy one that runs nitro's and goes like a jet on steroids 😁

    20. AaronShenghao

      If the maybe the pig nose look more like Jet engine intake ducts… I might forgive them.

    21. W M

      steel vs plastic... it's up to you!

    22. A O

      E30 all day tho

    23. Moustache Mike

      E30 still one of the best cars to look at and have one day haha

    24. reaper muniram

      E92 m3 for me please

    25. boliqueimense

      Is it just me, or does the drone shots look like it has lower FPS than the onboard footage?. Sorry if poor english

    26. Greg Wayne

      This is a car show and I know Alex knows how to drive fairly well. But why doesn't he know how to rev the E30 up to say 2000 rpm or even 1500 rpm before the start to get a much faster take off? As well even without launch control he could have tried to brake boost the car himself for a better launch. Sigh.....Oh well. Oooo...E46 M3 doughnuts for the WIN!! YEA!!

    27. Shawn Hollahan

      Who cares …. The new M3 is so fugly that you guys must be getting paid to put it on ROfor

    28. Ove Lumiste

      E30 all day..

    29. Claudiu HEG

      Legends. E30 because it's an e 30 and G80 ,because it's the most powerfull M3, and because it's criticized design. Cool vid

    30. Bartłomiej Kowalski

      Series g is a big shit

    31. Aron McCoy

      G80 has rabbit teeth

    32. Hayden Govender

      The 325is evo2

    33. Hayden Govender

      I'm from South Africa love da e30 its my dream car I'm 16

    34. Dario00

      500hp vs 215hp nice

    35. hamid fiero

      Clearly m3 e30's style, à real agressive front, look likes great white shark 😈😈, whereas new m3 look likes beaver 😂😂 The best would be an e30 m3 with engine s62b50 or s38b38 😉

    36. S.K.R

      Honestly the only thing I hated was seeing Alex wearing a damn shorts for this video with a world wide iconic legend...should've worn a jeans you Muppet

    37. Hugo Stiglitz

      Shut up and concentrate, your not top gear

    38. niklas johansson

      Old one looks a million times better

    39. ellto

      E46 all day

    40. Marco

      For that Video, it would be funny if they used the BMW E30 333i

    41. Daniel Northcott

      I would have both!

    42. Miro Slanchev

      E30 looks are only 2nd to the 68 ear mustang fastback

    43. Jon Jon

      Those new seats. Wow. Beautiful. Great to see the E30. Great video. 👏👏. I had an E36 Evo. Oh the memories. !! Had hair on the top of my head then, and a fit girlfriend. Oh well !!!

    44. Krzysztof Slowinski

      Not really showing the progress over 30years. To do that they would have to race equally powered cars, not where there is a difference of 300hp

    45. lovatic smile

      Much rather have the g80 tbh, better reliability, less rust and as we can see, better in every respect though choice of them all is definitely the e36 or e46 😂

    46. John Dzwon

      e36 m3 vs g30 will be beter

    47. Daniel Robinson

      God this guy talks some crap!

    48. Din Jil

      In 20-30years time, E30 still be regarded as gold, compared to the newer one. Technology evolves, but statue still the same.

    49. thatone guy1965

      Would rather own a sierra cossie over an e30 m3

    50. T U

      I love this show. It's what Top Gear used to be. Great work lads. A pleasure to watch.

    51. Tom Ferreira

      For anybody who can't can't afford a mint e30 just get a Fiesta ST it's basically the same power to weight.

    52. keyhole150

      Love the rolling stats part at around 2:01, great video editing there!

    53. Š4T4Ň 666

      5:25 That´s what she said

    54. Vilgeirr Lackoin

      e30 is by far the most beautiful piece of car history along with old 911's

    55. Parvez Hassan

      You should of checked out one of carwow's vids to engage launch control

    56. Randall F

      4 doors? Ugly thing

    57. M You

      The G80 is so ugly I sold my F80 and bought a QV after 11 years of M car ownership.

    58. Ash King

      Just imagine the performance of the G80 in the beautiful body of the E30 👌

      1. ga thel

        Yeah u can swap the engine to e30 just like nagata swap the GTR engine to R32 gtr

    59. Do One

      get a cheap e30 and engine swap it upgrade brakes and suspension problem solved

      1. Do One

        ok quick look on ebay there is no such thing as a cheap e30

    60. 14725800369

      The E36 is a big step up from the E30 in almost everything. The G80 will have a hard time with E36 as a competitor

    61. Tom Oliver

      That new grille just doesn't do it for me :(

    62. Charlie Smith

      The new M3 is growing on me now, wasnt sure at first because of the grill but I think I like it. The weight though 😮

    63. Mac Woods

      New M3 doesn’t look bad.

    64. Sohale Maqsood

      The E30 & the E46 are the real Kings of the M3s

    65. Lucas Da Ronco

      Why does the drone footage look like a slideshow???

    66. cyka blyat

      those new BMW grills are so fugly.

    67. Riley Bickford

      new bmw makes me think of nazis

    68. U. Erik Nwagwu

      It seems to me that the driver is too young to "get it"! The E30 isn't about overall speed as the G30 will murder it. The E30 is all about the delicate chassis balance that very few drivers of nowadays will understand..what with all the electronic driver aids. He himself made the faux pas of saying "no abs, no traction control". The E30 has ABS but certainly no traction even mention traction control in the same sentence with the E30 says it all ! All the same it's a decently shot video.

    69. Drive with VG

      Put the e30 m3 against g20 320d! 😍

    70. Sammy Dendoncker

      You cant figure out how launch control works??

    71. Robert Muller

      You forgot to put Felix the Mazda Rx8’s 37 second track time in there !

    72. MiSs G

      People say,the closer to death you get,the more alive you feel and for that reason,the e30 would be more fun to thrash around a track,or back roads (when nobody else is on them of course 😉)

    73. CapnT

      Fairly, today’s M2 is the successor to the E46 and previous M3s. Today’s M3 is the successors to the E39 and older M5s.

    74. r e v e l a r e_ XVII

      *The G80 may not be the best looking, but damn does it haul ass. But of course the E30 will be forever legendary.*

    75. Μηνας Χριστίδης

      I love you alex e46 is my favourite too

    76. Corey Voorhees

      That E30 is a beaut! I actually didn't know the E30 M3 came with a 4banger i thought they were all slant 6

    77. Simeon Bell

      Incredible how bmw got so many horsepower out of that small engine back in the 80‘

    78. Les Klower

      I do not think the newer bmw will be around in 30 years or it will be so clapped out it willl be slower than the older bmw

    79. Norbert

      13:05 bmw had some error, cause blinker was activated.

    80. smxlik

      Ngl I hated the look of the new M3, but after seeing it in person it has started to grow on me

      1. An honda Civic

        It really does look better when you put a darker colour on it because it does make the grill less pronounced

    81. TNA creative

      E30 all day long - there's just no need for the new m3 to be so big, fat & heavy - it's bigger than an older M5 ffs

    82. lolsovs

      Driving fast in a modern sportscar seems so effortless - press a few buttons, step on the throttle and let the computer do the work for you. Sure it’s blistering fast, but where is the skill? Such a snore fest.

    83. Madirishman3

      Come on seriously. A lot of E30 m3 owners have the upgraded clubsport (purple e46) rack and a heap have had engine conversions to more modern Bmw M engines. Coilovers and brake upgrades are commonplace. Race one of them against the new m3 for a video all of wanna see.

    84. Cheez 101

      I hope we can all agree for sure that the old m3 slays the new m3 in looks Like wtf is that ugly ass looking grill on the new m3 paired with that bloated car body?

    85. Guilherme Ferreira

      I'd choose the 30 year old :)

    86. Possle

      It's about time people was honest about old cars. There nice to drive because there old and its nice to drive a classic but a new car is nicer, safer, better etc


      Amazing video 👌👌

    88. seaside afterlife

      I never thought I’d see a mention of skateboarding on my favourite car channel 😌 also great video!

    89. Виктор Пантелеев

      That G80 gearbox sounds lazy.

    90. Q

      Bmw trash. I’d go with Lexus

    91. James S

      I’d have the e30.

    92. sniperlif3

      E30 M3 has a much better platform than the new M3. Once you get into a turbo platform to start, there is not as much gains as an N/A car. Buy the E30, chuck a turbo or two and be comparable to the new M3 for cheaper.

    93. Tupa C

      2:01 in the grill size

    94. Tupa C

      4K video pleaseeeeee! You guys need an upgrade

    95. Tuna No crust

      You can really see how ugly the new m3 is next to the e30

    96. The Duo 702

      the "im winning, im losing" came so fast lmao

    97. Chao Qi

      It's actually pretty incredible that the E30 M3 is a 35 year old car and keeps up with a modern sports car with similar power.

    98. aleksi haapasaari

      The g80 is ugly af

    99. Matt Freeman

      Jesus guys what happened to your slick video editing that I’ve become so used to? Blurred cameras, shocking audio, shots cut into others haphazardly…poor show.

    100. Vlad

      Have a round with Walther Röhrl in an Audi S1 my friend.