Can A Non-Car Guy Change A Clutch?

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    Project Z3 is back, and this week Alex challenges Ethan to fit a performance clutch.

    Huge thanks to:

    BDS Motorsport

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    1. Joseph Martin-Smith

      You should 2jz swap it

    2. CatBroiler

      Replacing all the wiring?

    3. Jay Dee


    4. Yum

      if ethan isnt considered a car guy then i dont know the differenct between a car and a bike

    5. Bradley Lyon

      Get him to boost it

    6. Danny Clifford

      These are the best! Ethan working on cars is about the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

    7. Jamal Tyrone

      Can A Non-Car Guy Change A Clutch? Not without a professional on hand to help with all the _really_ hard bits!

    8. Emil Johan Majani

      Ethan needs to learn how to deadlift or you guys are going to make him pop an hernia. Anyways I really liked the tune at 2:35. What was it? Edit: Shining Skies - George Georgia

    9. tinman 001

      Ethan didn't struggle enough

    10. Aaron Parak

      Hold the phone what happened to Jack

    11. Abby Jayne

      Think Ethan needs "This F**king Car" Merch

    12. Dean Thompson

      Well done EF

    13. Juuso Mähönen


    14. Kenn Nilsson

      Can a non car Guy fix the braking light ?

    15. Jacob Russell

      Topend rebuild

    16. Gavin D

      Genuinely the funiest thing I've seen for ages! picking up the gear box moment 🤣 poor Ethan is olive oyl from pop Eye. Brilliant 👏

    17. Mark Plenty

      Im glad someone told Ethan to wear safety glasses! Save the eyes! Other than that, ethans a car legend 😂😂😂😂

    18. Johnny Mc

      Let's see ethan put bigger cams in

    19. Khalid Edros


    20. Richard

      Bet he cant do a full engine swap.

    21. Lewis Graham

      No clutch alignment tools just the old eyeball for reference 🤣

    22. Aaron S

      Just want to say, thanks Ethan for doing this! As someone who is actually interested in cars and hasn't done this job before, you have helped motivate me to try more adventurous mods.

    23. Car Obsession

      Absolutely love this videos!

    24. Francois Combrinck

      wide body swap from the 2.8

    25. Tutorial 69

      Remove the Steel Bolt from audi A4 Suspension that ist sitting in an Aluminium part

    26. Abo999

      You should have made him do it on a drive like most of us poor monkeys! I like Ethan's comment of doing an engine swap, but that might be a bit much. Maybe rebuild the engine? Or... do some NA modding? And... bring back the podcast!

    27. Freddie Hill

      I just love this series. What's next on the menu for the car and Ethan?

    28. DomX2008

      Ethan Can't: Full Engine Rebuild from ground up :-)

    29. Michael Godfrey

      Bruno is brilliant, actually helped Ethan.

    30. glanzbo

      Here for the “poppin’ off” jokes😂

    31. Ali Terro

      I was waiting him to hurt himself 😜


      Ethan cant give birth

    33. Austin Fleck

      17:12 lmao lower the car

    34. Greg 5646

      BDS Motorsport... so that's BDSM, right?

    35. Jacob K

      Ethan, you are an absolute champ. Good on you for sticking with it even with all the BS

    36. Adriaan Visser

      Not even 2 mins in and Garrett is already being an ABSOLUTE SAVAGE. RIP Ethan

    37. TheFilipegti

      Is Bruno Portuguese? He sounds very portuguese.

    38. Mārcis Niks Ronis

      Engin swp a 318 i to 2.0 from a 5 seiries

    39. Samuel Jackson

      Yesss project z3 is back

    40. Lynx Black

      Why does Alex turn into a sim 😆

    41. Rhys Clark

      U can LS swap these z3s

    42. Nicholas Donaldson

      I feel bad for Alex. Seems like the guys were just being dicks to him this time around.

    43. Vistian


    44. country boy 92

      Change air filter

    45. 89hedges

      As soon as i see Gareths sandles i switch off

    46. Aizaz Rehman

      Look at Ethan go !!

    47. Mati Battaglia

      A great example of British humor, It reminds me when Top Gear used to make those funny challenges where they were stoned, shot and banned from different countries. A true masterpiece....

    48. Rights

      Timing belt/chain

    49. AxionUK

      I'm sorry but there is no way they didn't title the company "BDSM - BDS Motorsports" intentionally

    50. Simon Thomas

      This is brilliant stuff guys!! I don’t remember laughing so much at one of your clips!! And HOW clean was Ethans Beemer underneath?!

    51. Dynamic Mobile Detailing & Audio

      I feel as though Ethan is like Jeremy Clarkson. Loves cars but has no idea on how to fix them.

    52. Umbra says

      Can a non-car guy LS swap a miata next?

    53. VDubya

      Alex. Total c unit In this video

    54. Jay Black

      can you make him install a turbo next?

    55. Chris Pratts Dad

      Air locker on an old hilux with rusted bolts and copeus amounts of muds. That I bet Ethan cannot do 😂

    56. lee gilchrist

      This show just gets better and better

    57. Israel Salazar

      RIP that back box loading

    58. Dale Puskas

      When Ethan was putting in that splash shield, I felt his pain in fitting the flimsy sheet of plastic. It's such a pita

    59. Crazy Dog

      A great video

    60. Peter_Panda

      17:58 I love the synchronised "yeah"s

    61. The Merc Man

      Respect to Bruno for turning up with a mask 😷

    62. d1strappazon

      You got up brake light out on that Z3 also

    63. Devonian4444

      Definitely can't wash his own clothes 😁

    64. Liam Graham


    65. Mr Same

      They should’ve raised the car before making him put on the tire lel

    66. Ross Galbraith

      One thing he can't do is lower a lift to fit a wheel 🤣

    67. Lee Tester


    68. john

      Good video. But I noticed no wearing safety shoes.

    69. Nathaniel Mathies

      You'd think after he punched the third bracket he'd learn to always PULL the ratchet when cracking nuts

    70. Andreas Henschel

      Well done Ethan! Next will be the blown brake light bulb!

    71. flo Arcierexel

      Do a ethane and alex gym session

    72. WingCommander Falcon

      When’s the turbo coming???

    73. GET Eidvin

      he cant replace the piston rings

    74. Rinc

      Turbocharge he can do it

    75. Mark C.

      Penis Housing 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    76. Øyvind Hanstad

      Great video😀😂 Learning by doing👌

    77. James Baker

      think he should do a full engine rebuild just for the fun of it

    78. G man channel

      Probably should of called it Project Ethan complains alot 🤣

    79. Intubrew

      I cringed so hard when he lifted the bell housing. His back must be crying!

    80. Gen/Sph Pryme!

      Fresh clutch, and no machine to flywheel 😅 will be back in couple mounts pulling the box back out

    81. faisalleeds

      Well played Ethan, this is definitely not an easy job. Also it looked like you may have been broken about 3 times!

    82. Harry Lockton

      Ethan can’t pull out in time

    83. George Ratcliffe

      Alex sees Ethan get hurt and the first thing he says is "That looked painful...did you get that on camera?"

    84. George Ratcliffe

      Ethan's version of an engine swap... Puts in the most economical diesel engine on the planet!


      You should buy the old saab on 17:44!! tune it and race it

    86. Ben Ertl

      I was so hoping Ethan would say 'First step, jack up your car'! THAT would have been priceless...

    87. SirLoinOfsteak85

      I bet Ethan can't supercharge it...

    88. Daniel Lunn

      Get on More jack and more Gareth

    89. Mats Igeskog

      Ethan is either a masochist or the job market is really tough in the uk

    90. John Spanos

      Does…….Ethan ever figure out these guys or not? LoL

    91. RolosGamingCH

      Just a complete ass...

    92. Josh

      I can attest to a noob being able to change a clutch. Changed one in my MR2, with prior experience being a single oil change. Took a bloody long time but got there in the end

    93. Simon T

      Ethan definitely cannot give birth. ...unless its to a chocolate mudbaby.

    94. Upside down

      I like it with his accent it sounded like he said "the PiTy Crusier" lol

    95. adam ward

      Ethan definitely can't do a timing belt

    96. Danny H

      Well done :D

    97. Steve McRichards

      He's very clumsy loosing bolts all the time, good thing you guys were there.

    98. Coleiro Gaming

      I'd like to see him do an engine rebuild.....

    99. 99fazer

      Ethan needs to install a lovely rotrex supercharge kit on the Z

    100. David Marques

      Where's Bruno from? Portugal?