Exploring A Secret Car Collection In The Woods

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    This week, Alex joins 'The Bearded Explorer' in a forest exploration of a few cars that time forgot!
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      I lost a wheel in a forest in Norfolk. I think it was called Kings forest. If any would be exploreers find a white nissan wheel with an aggressive offroad tyre, please let me know its at least happy in its new home. Thanks.

    2. nothingleft

      none of these cars are ever going to be moved from that spot, sad.

    3. firefly highforest

      They're not abandoned if stored on private land. Morally permission is required from owner and unauthorised entry not appreciated and illegal if forced. Individuals could just make a concerted effort to get in making forced entry difficult to prove. Glad to see permission requested in this case.

    4. firefly highforest

      Interesting change of attitude. Must have had slapped wrists.🤔

    5. Mark Stevenson

      It’s a Mk 2 XR2

    6. F1nn 25

      Forza Barnfinds belike:

    7. Alfie Jones

      That mk4 escort rs turbo and mk1 xr2 fes will be worth a lot

    8. urbex with taffy

      I love this one haha , I do this on a regular basis

    9. eimdeima

      My neighbour has a secret stash of cars slowly rotting away in his barns. They were all his daily drivers at one point but he'd just buy his next car and would never sell his old one, and park it up in the barn. Pretty much 1960s and upwards. Got some nice stuff hiding there tbh...

    10. AJD93

      See your jumping on another ROfor channels band wagon again.. You have been scraping the bottom of the barrel for quite some time now car throttle I'm pretty sure you've now worn a hole in the bottom of it. Is it too much to ask for an original idea off your own head? It's big enough! Instead I bet the meetings about creating new content involve just sitting about watching all the other automotive channels work their arses off trying to create new exciting content and your like we can do that aswell. Donut media is the pinnacle at the moment their videos are actually interesting also they go to the effort to educate you in the automotive world and how things are made. Your just trying to be another football headed fuck Mike brewer trying to be old top gear and pinching other people ideas. Your videos are the Mrbossftw of the car world. Came here just to write this which was more effort than you've ever put into your content.

    11. Alan Collins

      This breaks my heart!

    12. Richard Miles

      Sorry I am a fan of your channel, but this wasn't your best video.

    13. Marco van nunspeet

      grandma hearstyle yeeaa

    14. brown bag

      my wife has a mk 1 vitara wi 64k miles on it pending a mild resto she loves it

    15. BaldMonkGaming

      Them poor xr2s. Todays a sad day 😔😔

    16. Hann Film

      Heh, the flowers look like forza horizon 5

    17. Martin Pettett

      What a bluebell wood too!

    18. DanteVxV


    19. UncleSam

      Why would you leave a car you own in a forest?

    20. John Dod

      Strangers have stripped these probably Original Ford parts fetch good money

    21. gigglebob69

      It's a MK2 Fiesta.

    22. Adam Fox

      Watching this has given me the idea of buying some woodland and doing something similar. I'd like to make a graveyard for people's special cars that they've had.

    23. Tomislav Lovricic

      That is not car colection. Its 7 ordinary cars left to rot. More of a junkyard if you ask me.

    24. RYROX FR

      Can you explain why they are here ?

    25. Regis Mantiruote

      Please do more of these type of videos

    26. LyfeHouse

      A new battery and some wind in the tires, that cherokee could probably start first try.

    27. pontus laurell

      Why let the cars rut in the woods..??

    28. gamma

      my oh my I would love to buy, import, and restore an Escort RS Turbo.

    29. Huy Nguyen

      The ashamed cowbell biochemically cheat because fine implicitly try amongst a calculating stocking. wanting, plain news

    30. David Henderson

      "All with a story"...yeah bought then abandoned

    31. Tsino

      Was your intention to rile up your audience? You know we like cars and hate seeing them in this condition. This is not appreciation, this is neglect.

    32. RHanson

      What a big, green garage...

    33. James Robinson

      Need a few Nissan Jukes parked there and not on the road.

    34. Mr Same

      When you have to release the car back into the forest to be with their real family😢

    35. graham bishop

      Should of named the video 3 men go to the woods looking for old escorts ..


      Nasty place to stash/dump cars

    37. moneyback

      Give it a few years and that fiesta xr3 is gone, it will be to far gone, and the rs turbo just gone

    38. famas

      hey ethan next time film the cars mate 😂

    39. vVeazel

      There is a fine line between "junkyard" and "collection." This is a junkyard.

    40. Stöpfel W

      Seeing „car collections“ like these just makes me mad these cars need to be saved, just because they belong to someone who does obviously nothing with them other than letting them rot away does not mean that they are save the only thing that helps me a little bit here is that they were RHD cars 😂

    41. WessaB

      Someone had a field day taking all them interiors lol

    42. IAN1000IAN

      Where's the rest of the crew ? this channel has gone off the boil , used to be brill

    43. Secret Passion

      The owners are idiots!

    44. Stanimir Rankovski

      Im genuinely curious to why these things are there, no judging.

    45. Gi Francisco

      Imagine there was an acctual christine hideing in there that Would be really sad

    46. mattkenny666123

      Funny how these cars have less rust than phil did 😂😂

    47. lidwine006

      I'm here for the flowers.

    48. MarcusTDM

      MK1 XR2, No MK2. Come on, your supposed to be petrol heads!

    49. Car Obsession

      Such a shame those cars are sat there, literally wasting away...

    50. Fabienne van Laanen

      Proud to be an owner of a left stearing Suzuki Vitara purple monster😍

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    52. Char Bee

      Crazy, there was actually more adverts than cars 🤦🏻‍♂️😂

    53. ps36081

      Was that a Fiesta 95/02 by the Escort RS?

    54. Mister Nobody

      The drivers were all murdered.

    55. DueVolvi

      I always wonder why these cars are always randomly put somewhere in a such a place. So not just together in a straight line like junkyards do but like they are pushed out of a plane. It takes a lot of effort to get them there at all...

    56. neil walsh

      Mk1 Fiesta? Not in my book it ain't!!

    57. andrew johnson

      Those cars will just sit there and rust away. Car hoarders like that are all the same.

    58. Cameron Fisher


    59. staggabob

      Either Colin's "240bhp" RS Turbo was massively modified or he has a bad memory because they were 130bhp stock!

    60. Steve G

      That's a scrapyard...collections are cherished

    61. Marcoos Marcoos

      That's a mk2 XR2 by the way (just sayin).

    62. Auntieslapscake

      Can you tell us the reasons why they are there.. or was that just bs from the owner

    63. Mark C.

      Pretty sure most old fords went back around at 100k haha “Look 29,000 miles, wooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww!” 🧐

    64. SClass

      Epic collab

    65. Vracktal

      i'd bet folding money not a single one of those cars will ever be restored before they return to the earth as rust. This isn't a collection, it's a hoard.

    66. Julians Techsation

      A close family member of mine has a little “farm” with some ( 8 abandoned) cars … 😅 It’s sad to see some of the cars rotting away, because I have childhood memories about them

    67. Tiago Pereira

      It hurts me to see a escort RS Turbo just rusted to death in the middle of nowhere....

    68. Nicolas Tremblay

      you finally got 4k camera !

    69. R V

      Oh, here are all the stolen cars...

    70. Uncle Chunkles

      There’s two cars in swadlincote in derby inside cages, an Austin maestro and a Vauxhall chavalier, there used to be more but they’re like ex sales cars. Very cool time warp

    71. cheefy30

      That's a mk2 fiesta

    72. cheefy30

      That's a mk2 fiesta

    73. DlStreamnet

      His voice doesn't match his body.

    74. Geoffrey Carter

      I don't care what the owner says, all the cars are going to the junkyard because of the rust that the current "owner" allowed to accumulate. They should be ashamed.

    75. Geoffrey Carter

      I love England in the Spring with the blanket of Bluebells.

    76. MITCHELL141

      Beard, man bun, hand tattoos, what a turd ! All those cars just wasting away is almost as annoying as him

    77. wildthinair


    78. Sean McKinley

      Content has been poor since the podcasts have started, much rathered watching car content. The channel has turned into a BMW enthusiast podcast channel

    79. The guy who doesn't get sarcasm

      Register it in a kids name, declare it sorn, cheap first few years insurance for someone to build up their NCB.

    80. Ramanathan Muthu

      Alex resembles- Dora the explorer

    81. lewis hill

      Um that's a mk2 xr2 not a mk1

    82. J D

      That XR2 is a MK2 not MK1.... C'mon Alex🤦

    83. Fluffyferret

      Big difference between a car collection and you're personal junkyard.. 🤣

    84. Samuel Kim

      if i had the money or effort, i'd just take all of them and restore it (i know its not as easy as everybody think) then let the owner know (announce it on social media) that their car was restored. it'll be a happy ending tbh

    85. TRM_ NeoOreo

      It must be near a race track, I can hear the engine/mufler sound.

    86. michael andrews

      Seems such a shame that these cars are being left to nature to consume. They could be restored and allowed to live again. Without sounding snowflake, they could be given to those in need or auctioned off

    87. Simon Le Gall

      We should execute these people for abandoning these cars, they are abandoned but the idiot refuses to admit it

    88. Masn Bär

      This isnt a secret car collection in the woods. This is an illegal dump, all its missing are some washing machines and maybe a fridge or 2.

    89. Cassette Walkman

      Is this the same place UrchFab did a video on way, way, way back when he was starting the Mongrel build.

    90. G F

      Cars are made to be driven:

    91. dwayne blenkinsopp

      what a waste

    92. Bawxxy

      "It's not abandoned" Mate there's a tree growing where it's engine should be ... those are abandoned ... terrible shame

    93. Ian’smotors andlife

      Such a goddamn waste. You don’t leave interiors outside like that covered in moss for any purpose other than to let it rot.

    94. Wagwanbennydj

      I think I know where this is lol

    95. Matthew Campbell

      Come to Georgia if your wanting to see dope cars in the woods, these kinda weak.

    96. ExplorewithSI

      I know where this is, I won't give the location, however I'm hoping to get a look soon!

    97. Iowa boy

      Near where I live, in the woods behind a cemetery, there are 3 old cars all from the 1950's.

    98. Bam The Petrol Head

      Some amazing classics

    99. Bam The Petrol Head

      Loving this one keep up the work boys 🔥🔥🔥

    100. MaNNeRz Laguna

      Also there's an abandoned looking breakers yard with 90s porches and escorts in fawkham valley in Kent. I drove past it one day on my rounds and had to stop and check it out