Fast & Furious 9 Stars Roast Your Cars

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    Fast & Furious 9 is in UK cinemas on 24th June.

    This week, Alex, Ethan and Jack roast your rides with Fast & Furious 9 stars John Cena, Ludacris and Sung Kang!


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    1. L.A Costa

      Who tf is John cena??? Get him tf out of here bruh

    2. Jesse Cracknell

      Rate my car kia rio 2021

    3. Lucas Lagrange

      sung kang is on his game in this vid

    4. Dr Gru

      0:57 where is John Cena guy?

    5. Leo

      wow John Xina

    6. Bryan Jimenez

      I feel like these guys simply dont like stanced cars

    7. Zombie Ghost Ninja

      *”That math isn’t right.”* made me die laughing for some reason lol

    8. Hunter Adams

      I’m still just confused by the mystichrome fiesta

    9. The Rookie cop this is where GTA got the idea for half the mods in the LS tuners update...

    10. Saucy_ Sauce

      Am I the only one who was disappointed when they told John Cena “nice to see you” 😂

    11. Ruben Versteeg

      5:54 more like the past and furious

    12. Nondi Mayer

      Did he just say hello Mr John Cena nice to SEE YOU?????? See WHO?

    13. prada

      1:12 i guy this where rockstar got their idea from got the new update

    14. Sonny Bill

      Wow John actually knows a thing or 2 about cars, cool

    15. T Szyd

      John fucking China. I thought he would go for a chinese car.

    16. Incognetus

      These must be the nicest "roasts" of all time. Sigh.

    17. Aidan Le

      Why is part of the video just a chair?

    18. jojo garcia

      Sung and cena are fr car guys

    19. Peter Owens

      They should be ashamed of themselves for creating that awful movie smh lol

    20. Volvo For Life

      The c30 is clean. 😍

    21. K jhn

      Remember when these movies were about street racing and now it’s basically mission impossible on wheels

    22. AB the HERO!

      This is my first time seeing John Cena like this I’m in shock!

    23. Daniel Plasencia

      Sung and John were being to nice 😂

    24. T4LH4

      John Cena don't fit fast and furious cast

    25. Dan de los Reyes

      he can see John Cena?

    26. GhostOnFridge

      What do car fuds eat for lunch? Tuner fish.

    27. j moore

      Bunch of actors telling us whats acceptable in car culture? LOL now thats funny

    28. Falling RICE BALL

      That stance CRV is kinda clean

    29. Old Punjabi Hits

      They should be commenting on Elon Musk's rockets

    30. Sohum Gupta

      That Riviera was so clean i’m not gonna lie

    31. If you tell me he's 6,3 your gay

      4:03 I can definitely see that becoming a meme

    32. Shazwan Dzulkefli

      Sung Kang can see your soul.

    33. drowsn96 racing

      Man thes movies suck i mean they should stop at this point when u got a wwe star in your movie u noe its over and your trying way to hard stop it just stop

    34. Ari Fleming

      Love how the cast compliments and reflect off one another and there's such nostalgia my familia =)

    35. Matai James. Turner

      my first car was a Hillman Imp my dad bought me at 15 I rolled it the first wknd he said you gonna have to buy your own cars from now on son

    36. Fahim Zahir

      Hey Guys's John China, John Cena's alter ego. He loved long enough to see himself become the villan

    37. Blue Falcon

      “Millionaires roast your cars.” Fixed it. GTFO

    38. Vampire Eater

      Why is everyone in the comment saying John Cena's name WHERE IS HE??

    39. redtuibravo

      I like a good piece of furniture as much as the next man - where can I get a chair so sturdy it can support a big, spineless guy like John Cena, and a couch as soft as the men on it, who thought it was okay to invite him on their video? Taiwan is a country, down with CCP.

    40. Lil DoeFlamingo

      7:32 Sungs reaction when they tried to Convert the Price of that Miata had me Rolling 🤣🤣💀

    41. Greg Wayne

      It just goes to show that at least 2 out of 3 Hollywood hipsters are WAYYYY out of touch with the real world. Ahem: (COmMieS) Ahem.

    42. John-Paul Tolczyk

      this is so cool nice 😁😁😁🤣🤣🤣😂😂😎😎😎

    43. Anomaly Detection Algorithm

      Tonight on Fast and Furious: -Sung likes a CRV -John knows about cars And -Ludacris is still acting like Tej

    44. Nathan 9

      That Miata is beautiful

    45. Bruh Bruh

      jhon cena was in this video!?!?

    46. Ravager plop

      "Mr john cena we might see you again soon" Bro what?? How did they even see him.

    47. Wide Body Rylo Ken

      Whose that floating suit

    48. Izznogood76

      These millionaires need to try a 9 to 5 job and than see what cars they can afford to roast

    49. Kyle Jamison

      I didn't know John Cena was a car guy. I used to really hate on that dude for 'being some wrestler' but the dude is genuinely funny and seems really nice.

    50. Jalexis 03

      Interesing interview with a floating tux suit-

    51. Zachary Battles

      But John cena really shook me when he really started talkin like a car enthusiast def didn’t know that

    52. m0v3m3nTツ

      jon cena and john china

    53. Jonah Maes

      The smart car is twinkies

    54. Theyellowflash

      Who’s the invisible guy?

    55. Accurate Rick

      Really disappointed John cena wasn’t here

    56. Just Munch Here

      One of the best videos on the internet right now. Love the cast members appearance and commentary!!!

    57. Pineapple&Ginseng

      3:13 Normal Person: "What a clunker!" Car enthusiasts: *Sees intercooler, front radials, and hood-dump exhaust* "What a deathtrap! I call shotgun!"

      1. Severe Scorpio


    58. trebledc

      Pass time movie cause story line is cliché

    59. Owen XTREME

      Han: The complimentarily god

    60. EP Man

      why is the tuxedo moving little bit constantly with john cena's voice? i dont see anyone wearing it

    61. lIIlIlIlIlIl lIlIlllIlI

      I dunno why John cenna faces looks like hummer

    62. LushHush

      John cena : loves honda civics and bts boy group which is gay as fuck

    63. Gman

      Id love to chill with han

    64. Dhale Freeman

      John cena: knows nothing about cars try’s to talk abou them Ludicrous: knows very little about cars try’s to destroy everything he sees sung kang: knows a bit about cars appreciates peoples art 😂

    65. Vic Orange Si

      “Hello Mr. Cena good to see you…” Cena…. “You Can’t See Me….”

    66. Marvin Villalta

      nobody knows about cars here

    67. m*Σ*t*H

      I have never expected John Cena to be this chill, I always thought he was a douchebag irl but he seems so cool and professional

    68. m*Σ*t*H

      1:30 he just described F9

    69. Kareem Sanders_249

      John Cena said this would be awesome in 2003 ❤

    70. thelegitsu81

      Ludacris is cringe!!

    71. ario yakobus

      im disappointed there's john cenas voice but hes not even there

    72. FastCash Kj

      "hello john its good to see you" ha..

    73. Philip Alpers

      Republic of China number one!

    74. DarkQuincyXero

      John Cena lost his soul reaper powers

    75. applmann

      Dude the troc was fucking dope

    76. got stonks

      Why are they talking to an empty chair about cars?

    77. HD Furry

      the mk5 supra has legit the exact design as the rx7

    78. Being creative

      0:57 You can see him???

    79. Akhil Gopi

      the only person who has the right to roast our cars is Sung

    80. Josh Echevarria

      John Xina?!!?

    81. chxvovo

      Sung kang has the chillest voice ever and he’s 49 years old

    82. Christian Segura

      So Instead of doing cars people send they did their own to try get approval from movie stars?

    83. Jason Poole

      Sung Kang seems like an incredibly cool dude. The type of guy you’d like to have a beer with.

    84. Clorox Bleach

      Parts of this video are just a background with no one talking.

    85. Whitewalters

      Imagine saying someone else should be ashamed when you play in FF

    86. Jack Umpleby

      Nothing stronger than family. Family car

    87. Stephen Martin

      That CRV would be clean imo if not for the stanced wheels

    88. Stephen Martin

      My grandma makes better roast...

    89. Omar Perez

      Put a 94 civic

    90. mookie714

      That slammed CRV is making me feel types of ways. Two thumbs up.

    91. OneGxxdSpIiff

      How can they talk about anybody’s cars when they’re still acting in a ridiculous franchise

    92. ItalianoDaPizza

      really disappointed that John Cena was the only one who wasn’t there with a camera..

    93. 7th Hokage


    94. DatSadCat

      John cena is actaully more into cars Than I expected. Amazing.

    95. Rusty Shackleford

      I went from a 2012 Dodge Challenger RT Hemi with flow master 10’s at the tips etc etc to a 2001 Saturn Ion because some young kid crashed into while it was sitting parked on the street in front of my ex girlfriend’s house and he didn’t have insurance, I couldn’t get it fixed because my insurance company screwed me too !!! Now the clutch is out of the Saturn so I’m currently driving a 35 year old motorcycle 1986 NightHawk 450sc !!! S.O.S. help me !!! Haha

    96. Space is Cool Man

      John Cena likes tuner stuff?

    97. Cheeki Breeki

      Lao gan ma

    98. Chemical BassBooster

      I appreciate the fact that they said “wheels” and not “rims”


      That c30 😍