Saving A Subscriber's Car From The Scrapyard

Car Throttle

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    1. Jordan White Reece’s dad

      Awesome. Proper heartfelt love and work went into that. Love it when people come together and sort stuff. Beautiful!! …. Side note: I have a tired old D3 that needs help 😢🤷‍♂️😘😂

    2. Art Vandelay

      Make a video on an alfa romeo v6 (156, 166 GTV or GT)!

    3. Lance Thompson

      I swear people just dislike anything on ROfor like how does this have 140 dislikes

    4. NoblePineapples

      So happy for James!

    5. Ethan Hartley

      Proposed video idea: give 4 subscribers £500-1000 to each buy a car to compete in challenges you set. I volunteer if this every happens,

    6. Invictus

      can you restore my car im poor

    7. IOUaUsername

      Should have wrapped it in orange for him.

    8. Rob Lugo

      Wholesome Pimp my Ride

    9. kayzd

      i dont care how old a car is. a thorough, extensive detail never ceases to wow me, definitely bringing a car back to life 😮

    10. Shane

      That exhaust sounded sexy tbh

    11. Joseph Franzen

      This is amazing

    12. Geared By Design

      Please do mine 😁

    13. Irishdrivingbloopers

      You guys are legends for helping this man get his car back in such an excellent condition after he was so badly injured. I know just how much his car means to him and to be unable to drive it or fix it reminds me of how I had to take a break from driving a few years ago due to epilepsy. I had only just got my MK5 GTI modded up and then I couldn't drive it for a year. So bloody frustrating. Thankfully that period of my life is over and I still have that same car so I won't part with her now until one of us dies lol!!!

    14. robscene66

      Cracking job guys, I’m glad the milk man was there to save the day. Speedy recovery to James 👍

    15. Simon Jones

      dealing with the emotion of being suddenly restricted is a very hard thing to deal with I have been there twice in my life keep going boyo you can do this

    16. TheMattPilcher777

      Great work lads


      Needs US version

    18. gaptoofgranny

      Cracking job, guys. Though this is a bit bittersweet for me because it reminds me of how I lost my car. Had a 92 VW jetta, wolfsburg edition, black with grey accents, with teardrop wheels on it. It had a very unique badging on it, couldn't find another one in the world. I kept it for a good few years, took it everywhere. Then it started to show issues upon issues, and they built up so fast I couldn't keep up. It ended up sitting for a few months before I had to sell it. I still miss it. Anyways, glad to see a car owner happy with what he got back.

    19. Melvoid01

      I have worked similar jobs as James and those van ramps can be very dodgy in the wet, known people I work with to do the same thing. But he now has a reason to smile a bit now and also gets this vid to look back on and see what was done to his pride and joy. Get well soon dude you deserve this.

    20. saba saba

      Cool guys! That's really is a big step ❤️😎

    21. Josh Baker

      Have I missed something? For the last month or whatever carthrottle haven’t been uploading podcast but instead released a video on a Wednesday and Friday, whereas before it was Monday Podcast and Friday Video. This week: No Podcast No Wednesday video No Friday video Did the mention they were taking a break? If so I missed that bit haha

    22. Trevor Gould

      God could do with your help to get my navara done😉😉

    23. WiseOldMan

      glad ya came out alive pal, keep fighting for life never stop that

    24. Ruta Petrauskyte

      You need to help me save my mini too 😭😭😭

    25. Centurion Guy

      You are an amazing person, you are the kind of people we need more of in the world

      1. I'm_James

        Alex?! Yeh he is!. But Gareth, Jack and Ethan are also up there on the Legend List!

    26. Miicho

      This is a good one you guys. Those were tears of happiness!

      1. I'm_James


    27. Barry Gunton

      Guys keep doing these videos, you did an amazing job with that car! I’m glad he liked it was heart warming to see his reaction and I wish I’m a speedy supercharged recovery 👍🏻

    28. Morgan Kennedy

      I'm skint, but really really need/want a hyaundi genesis coupe 2010 2.0T. Please buy me one?

    29. Paul Burgess

      You don't have to remove the complete bush to fit the poly bushes. Air chisel or knock the old bush out in situ. And can push the new bush in by hand 👍🏻

    30. Mark Burke

      What an awesome story.

    31. Lukec4ge

      Congratulations James. You deserve the good fortune. I hope and pray that you make a full recovery.

    32. James Twidle

      Love your work Car Throttle. Out of curiosity (and because it looks mega) how much would all that GYEON product cost? Do they do a perfect car / motorcycle cleaning package we can buy? I see the individual items for sale but not found a ‘car care kit’ like you would get from Meguires or Autoglym. Thanks James

    33. stjohn townsend

      If you fancy doing another mini in the Oxford area my 07 Cooper S needs a good going over lol

    34. waltzie

      2011 Mini Cooper S owner....they are shit!! utter kauife.

    35. David Wood


    36. Minty Linty

      I love this, Please, please do some more. Nice to see some one deserving get a makeover. WELL DONE GUYS!

    37. JDG Gaming

      Hey Alex can you do that to my car. Coz that mini looks amazing

    38. Dean Montague

      vinyl stickers, a wash and clean? not very exciting.

      1. Josh Baker

        You’re literally the sort of person who would get this done for you for free and complain that they didn’t do enough.. moron

    39. GWLAD

      Car Throttle I have a Ford Focus ST 170 paid £1000 for it I’ve put £1500 into it you can have it for £500 I just want to see it saved from the scrappies needs a bit of work but not a lot to turn it into a really nice car and definite future classic that you maybe able to auction off 👍👍👍

    40. Car Obsession

      What an effort, and what a video guys! It looks like it was a tough ol' job, but one that was certainly worth it.

    41. Danny Clifford

      I love these series of refreshing cars that need some TLC.

    42. PIxeL GaMMa

      Good job Some observations, 1. needed bigger rims, 2. bottom of the car looks too wide - needs a bigger spoiler and.... side shot at 26m31s - there is a ding at the bottom back panel

      1. I'm_James

        It's a beauty spot!.

    43. Steve Molloy

      Mate you've had a shit time .Good luck , your mum's like mine a rock . Chin up .

      1. I'm_James

        Oddly it doesn't matter how old I get, if she shouts my full name out loud. The fear of God runs through me, and I feel an uncontrollable urge to Leg it!

    44. cooooolkid9000

      Fucking keep your head up man! You're an inspiration to us all! Big love

      1. I'm_James

        And you!. ❤🤟🤙

    45. Highran56

      I remember applying for this but didn't get it. Congrats to the guy who did and well done CT for saving that car. My car has now been off road for the past few months and currently sitting on my aunts drive due to a knackered turbo (changed the turbo three times and kept blowing) with an underlying problem so feel free to contact me if you ever feel like you want to save my car too. :D I love my car so would like to keep it there for as long as I can till someone who can fix it. Love your channel and work guys.

    46. auto mech

      When ever anyone tell me what they've been through i cant help it , if i was behind the camera , i will cry for hours

      1. I'm_James

        Empathy isn't a feeling people should ignore!. It comes from the heart. And 9 times out of 10, the people that show it, have been through a Shit time!!!!

    47. Øyvind Hanstad

      Great video❤🇳🇴

    48. Chris Welch

      Guys what you've done here is utterly fantastic. Our connection to a car and those memories with the ones we love are precious, and you've restored those and a car, top job guys, top job. Having been in a similar situation and not been able to save my car I absolutely loved that you were able to help someone else. I'm lucky enough to be able to have a Motability car now, but I really miss having a car that is truly my own. Another car saved, and a deserving chap made happy! Loved it!

    49. AC Collection


    50. Vlad Mihai

      can you pretty please save my money shifted Octavia 3 1.8 tsi? :D

    51. Phil Tucker

      I’m a big CooperS fan anyway, but this pretty ragged example now looks absolutely mint! Great episode chaps, nice job 👍

    52. Preacher

      Someone must have told him to get those crutches out? you're in the middle of a claim old son.

    53. Team 563

      Car throttle SOS


      Well Done mini is mint 👌 Happy Driving 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿😎

    55. JtotheW

      Guys, don't know if you have seen but that guy Martin you bought the van off has been living in a nightmare ever since. Poor guy got ripped off on an old camper that leaks and is literally falling apart. Could do an episode helping him out, just a thought, bet he would love the van back

    56. Al-Bader Bu-Hamad

      19:33 I know it's an unrelated topic. However, it annoys me so much everytime I see someone washing a car from bottom to top.

    57. Luke Palmer

      Get yourself a good solicitor and you'll get yourself a LOT of money. If you talk to the right people

    58. stewart mcmillan

      I'd give anything for you to bring my 1999 e36 compact back to life like this. 😪

    59. JimmyJayJunior

      This was so wholesome. And wow, you did such a good job with that car! Makes me wanna own one. James - keep fighting the good fight my man. True soldier

      1. I'm_James

        Cheers to that! 🍻🥂🍻🥂

    60. BEA57KL

      Love this as a series

    61. Tamur Khawaja

      This is very kind of you.

    62. Sebestian Tan

      Thank you for this. No way I will ever buy a mini cooper 😌

    63. Lucas Marques

      This is basically perfect content. We get our fill of car repair and knowledge, while a person that needs it gets their loved vehicle more than back in shape. Love it

    64. kietakas

      I hope this is gonna become a regular thing you do. So wholesome and interesting to watch.

    65. Paul Curran

      Poor guy, hope he recovers soon! CT not just changing cars but people's lives! Nice one! :D

    66. John Evans

      Great videos mate, keep up the good work. 👍

    67. Bonnie Drasco

      Well done boys and good luck with the back and life fella

    68. T Tall

      Well done Car Throttle. Lovely to see such kindness and best of luck James, I hope you are 100% well soon.

    69. TheXbaT

      Fucking onions...

    70. Andrew Coles

      Alex got wedge

    71. JM Detillo

      Good guy alex!

    72. Voornaam Achternaam

      This is amazing. Best content ever

    73. Trev Neuz

      I'm about have surgery on my spine and feeling bit scared and just bit down , was in need of some positivity and just simply thanks for helping out this awesome young man

      1. I'm_James

        Wishing you all the best bud!. Hopefully in 6 months time we can both put our injuries behind us!. 🙏

    74. vicTorey Network

      This is such a great idea! I would love to see this turn into a series.

    75. Elite_Gaming96

      This is the kinda stuff I love to see, someone that genuinely deserves something, great video guys and wish you a seedy recovery James ❤️

    76. Mark paulene

      Hi just come across the channel, yeh I know what James is going though, I missed a step coming down from a hiab crane and put discs out in my back in 2009, it f…… hert and and has done ever since so shout out to James 👍👍 oh and to you guys great job, markUK

    77. Era S

      Rattling in a mini? check the catalytic converter and inside exhaust pipe for damage

    78. shoxy84

      Awesome work lads, amazing thing to do! James, enjoy looks epic now and wish you all the best!!

    79. I’m a fucking melt. Daddy

      It feels quite sad to see a one of these vid pop up as a ad.

    80. kevin benton

      Automotive version of 'DIY SOS'. Great.👍

    81. David Rigby

      Wow great job, put a big smile on my face for helping someone out who needs it through his bad times ...epic 👍

    82. George Stoica

      searching on youtube how to fix my car and getting to see this.. 👌 awesome guys

    83. Track & Beyond

      Great work guys!

    84. The 120iMSportBoi

      Car Throttle SOS 😏 get the reference?

    85. MK4DEREK

      What product did you use on the faded trim panels?

    86. Mini The Red

      As a Mini, I say, thumbs up gents! :) Keep the Cooper, love it and enjoy it! :) Shout out to Alex, good job mate, good job! :)

    87. Jamie Reid

      He had an accident and you'd think he'd almost died with the way he's reacting and crying. I'm not trying to be a dick, but cmon mate, get over yourself. There's people out there going through much worse stuff and they're holding themselves together far better.

      1. Jamie Reid

        @I'm_James I fell off a bridge and broke my back and leg, then after I recovered after 5 months, the very first day I was out walking I got ran down twice at the same time and landed back in hospital. But difference is I didn't expect everyone to feel sorry for me and neither should you. Not being hateful, but just get up and get in with it bud

      2. I'm_James

        Are you speaking from experience? Are you OK? I truly hope you never experience a life changing accident

    88. Goldfield Design

      I would've loved to see them kinda clean the supercharger and just the pieces they too off and put back on. I completely understand it's a LOT of work to do so, but when is someone really going to get the chance to clean those really hidden pieces anytime soon? Other than that I absolutely loved this, what a great series!

    89. TrickyInDaMiddle

      This is what owning a car is all about it's not just pecies of metal n what not it's character it's apart of you. You n the car have that special bond.

    90. Joshua D'Oliveiro

      I hope that if we all support this series enough, then you guys won't have a reason to stop doing this series! Hope to see all kinds of cars and people helped out!!

    91. Tony Webb

      you don't fancy bringing my 207 gti back up to spec or beyond I can pay for parts etc I have just never been able to find a good mechanic

    92. byjan louis

      whooo!!! God bless Car Throttle, wish my car too :)

      1. Pinned' by Car Throttle

        Thanks for watching and comments..Stay safe and remain happy,Do you mind trying something new today.... Hit me up Immediately on {W}{h}{a}{t}{s}{A}{p}{p}^^^{n}{o}{w} °°°°

    93. Jay69

      Should be really proud of yourselves lads what you have done for James is amazing .fantastic work I ve had a similar injury to James so I know what he's going through and you just made his world so much happier..well done to you all

    94. Samuel Taylor

      His reaction made my day

      1. Samuel Taylor

        @I'm_James Much love James! Drive safe

      2. I'm_James

        It's like driving a new car. At 15/16 years old. Carthrottle have given it a new lease of life! Everything that needed doing, has been done in order to keep it road legal and going for another few years.. Amazing 👏

    95. CarFlix

      Brilliant! Well done guys! Just don't let Alex deliver the car, terrible parking and all the clicks on the handbrake :D

    96. Elliott Smith #55

      Me at 15:15 as i've got really long arms: 👁👄👁

    97. Pauline Mercer

      I was so moved to tears watching this God Bless all your hard work I no James is in a better place now . Life can be shit sometimes . Good work well done to you all from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

      1. Pinned' by Car Throttle

        Thanks for watching and comments..Stay safe and remain happy,Do you mind trying something new today.... Hit me up Immediately on {W}{h}{a}{t}{s}{A}{p}{p}^^^{n}{o}{w} °°°°

    98. The Sprint St Guy

      You guys are awesome!! Helping that guy out made me cry!!!

    99. Czechbound

      Well done Gyeon.

    100. Michael Sell

      Phantastic job you did, but do not wash a car letting the soaped water just rinse into the earth.