We're Giving Away A Mega Rare Car You Probably Never Knew Existed

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147 K vizionare150

    For your chance to win this car for yourself or a friend in need, email your story to: carstories@carthrottle.com
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    Publicat pe Acum 14 Zile


    1. Mayank Maximum

      Then a Maruti 800 would cost as a c8 in uk

    2. Rob Small

      If we are talking rare Suzuki's then surely the Suzuki Kizashi has to be high on the list. Rare to see when new. Mega rare now but lovely design

    3. Faustina Adu

      So there is no air con but there is electric windows all round?

    4. wipeout1978

      Had 2 hatchback versions of the baleno, lovely cars, so under rated. Miss owning them

    5. Xeysto Gaming

      In india there are a million of these cars

    6. holidaymoviecompany

      So not a Ferrari GTO 🤦‍♂️

    7. Haathim Munas

      can alex please do a tutorial on how to drive stick shift / manual? it would be awesome PLs like if you think the same

    8. Crabby Bastard

      Lost job......wont afford to run car Ill health......wont be able to drive car All for the views

    9. Tom Shiel

      Does anyone want my 173,500 mile Ford Puma 1.7 thunder? It’s as straight, true and reliable as this dull Suzuki thing but waaaaay more fun. Better still, does car throttle want to see a 175k puma?!?!? Lemme know people. Thanks. 🤞🏼

    10. Gideon Tladi

      Some reaason do not get notifications for your mid week vids

    11. lce124

      theres a lot more than 1 left

    12. 20_inches_BMX

      What happened to car throttle shop? Used to sell cool shit! Now it’s just clothes..

    13. Jimmy

      oh, a toilet car

    14. Chris Osborne

      Want another odd and rare(ish) car from the east? Diahatsu Applause. Only ever seen 2 on the road despite there being a few more then that left and 1 of those was a family members car. Would love to get my hands on one just for the nostalgia.

    15. Things and Stuff

      That is a common car here in Norway...my grandfather once had one

    16. jason lemuel

      In Indonesia its abundant

    17. Ben

      One left is wrong - a green GLX estate passed me last week 😂

    18. kanye yeast

      My dad has a car that is also the only one in the uk

    19. GlobularDriver97

      Suzuki definitely make some of the most reliable engines/cars! Never actually known their engines to go wrong

    20. Jake The Snake Productions

      Goodyear?.. WAP?... It's not lookin' good, mate......

    21. Trevor Topcik

      Clearly Subaru stole that design lol

    22. John Taylor

      Looks like the Daewoo estate we had in the US

    23. Govind Pilla

      Baleno Not a sedan Not a hatch It's a station wagon.

    24. Pavel Isp

      Quirks and features :) Hey Doug :D

    25. joris meester

      This is exactly like my first car! It had run 275000km on the clock and drank 1L of oil every 1000km. I loved it to pieces. Have fun!

    26. J@ckW

      4 on the road? There are two parked outside my work 🤔

    27. Prateek Ojha

      Not that rare... www.carwale.com/maruti-suzuki-cars/baleno/

    28. X D

      Alex: it's got a few quirks and features Doug DeMuro: I'm gonna pretend I didnt hear that

    29. c.lday44

      Honest to god looks like a subaru legacy if you squint a bit at 7:46 lol

    30. Dwibbert

      Make ethan put new tires on the rims 😂

    31. josh

      I'd literally tell you to get the peace of shit off my drive lol who the f**k wants that am not being funny but what we're you thinking 🤔

      1. Lewis 27

        @josh that's not the point, the point is that they're giving a working car away to someone who needs it

      2. josh

        @Lewis 27 there's plenty of cheap cars out there they could have picked that you would still have pride in only 1 of them in the country for a reason

      3. Lewis 27

        Yeah well good job itl go to someone in need and not you then

    32. Navodeep Deka

      We had the Indian version baleno (sedan from 2005), when you don't service this car properly it becomes a pain in the ass

    33. L R

      see a few of these in holland, at least we arent a disposable society :)

    34. David Tomažič

      Not uncommon in Slovenia, prett many

    35. Daniel Davies

      I know where one of these lives lmao, same colour and spec too

    36. Martin Gillespie

      Reliable cars

    37. Pranav Somayajula

      Well, we have a bunch of these still in great condition and still on the road in India.

    38. Jack Goodhew

      Wanna help restore a Peugeot 204 convertible for my grandad

    39. Warpdog500

      Next weeks thumbnail clickbait will be to win a Ferrari but you get a keyring and whatever old crap can be dragged from the scrap yard, This channel is cheap.

    40. Luke Charles

      completely shocked checking out this video, cuz I saw this exact car for sale a few weeks back online so now I know where it went 😂 was originally looking for a Suzuki Esteem like the one from Better Call Saul as I wanted to create a replica ahah

    41. Shobhit Chaudhry

      These engines are actually really nice. They’re used in off-roading vehicles for rallies in India. Not bad at all. Don’t sound terrible either

    42. Mohammad Yaqoob

      I own the Baleno, still runs like a dream ❤😄✌

    43. Rivelino

      Is insurance not an issue on a car like that in UK? Can you cover car that age on regular policy?

      1. darwinrover

        Yeah, plenty of 90s cars still running about

    44. Ike Hennessy

      Please make sure all the taxes are included. A lot of the people that would need this car probably can't afford to win one. I'm not sure how this stuff works in the UK, but in the US its a big problem

    45. Mr.Lashasaur

      The rarest car in the uk would actually be the talbot samba trio which my friend has locked up in his garage for a later project in life.

    46. Reece Taylor

      Ive just entered and i hope i win i really need this

    47. Kieran OPC

      I could swear i seen one of these near me in scotland only a couple years ago in estate form because i strongly recall it being a black one

    48. Harri R

      Get ready for an influx of sob stories and begging!

    49. Tejas Kinger

      Ah. Quirks and features. I see a little bit of Doug DeMuro in there ;)

    50. Tav nadav

      Owned a 2001 one. Very good and reliable car, a biy noisy inside but... 2001 so .

    51. Shane Brown

      Wow I've never seen another 1 before I have a blue 1.6 estate myself that's sadly needs to much work to go back on the road

    52. jh77sly

      They called this thing an "Esteem" in the US. Let's just say it has none. I had a 99 sedan. It blew a head gasket and drank a couple gallons of coolant at 131K miles. At least it was a 5 speed manual so the 1.6L 4-pot wasn't a complete dog. It wasn't fast, but it would get from A to B. I traded it off as I figured by the time I found that the oil was just milkshake and WAY over full... the bearings were completely shot and just wasn't knocking yet. Hopefully that engine doesn't have the same failure. I lost no compression. It was simply a head gasket issue between coolant and oil passages.

    53. Chill

      Car throttle is turning into a charity show…

    54. Will Smyth

      My dad has just bought a maroon baleno estate! It’s very much on the road!!

    55. Mark Wright

      Whoever gets it doesn't need to take the cassette player out. There's an adaptor you can get that is basically a tape that you connect your phone to to then play audio through the car.

    56. Mark Wright

      Even though it's not much of a car in terms of petrolhead appeal, Being an estate and the last one I really hope it's not abused and scrapped in a matter of months. It deserves to live many many more years. It needs to stick around to show up all the stupid softroaders.

    57. Hi

      3mill good job guys 👍

    58. JohnC92

      No idea why there not many left thought japanese cars are supposed be good reliable cars unless they wernt a big seller when new

    59. TheZProtocol

      Puerto Rico has most of the USDM Balenos left in all of the US

    60. Vince Crow

      Road trip it to Scotland!!

    61. Asad Hasan

      You'll find these everywhere here in Pakistan lmao

    62. james billings

      98 isnt that old, see loads of mk 4 golfs about

    63. Jessé Steinert Barbiaro

      We have few Balenos here in Brazil and fewer Baleno Wagons, but I saw some cars.

    64. No Name

      Donated it because the scrapers wanted 50 quid to take it

    65. Supremacy 98

      Surrey vehicle sales…I feel SURRY for the next person who gets this car AYY

    66. Artūrs Eversons

      I knew it existed, I had one 😉

    67. South England Bus Spotting

      It is NOT the only Estate left. My Auntie has a silver S reg Automatic with 85,000 miles just ticked by.

    68. Mr Race Car

      Could you fit any more dust under your screen protector?

    69. Cammy Millard

      me *an 18 year old* damn ive had it so hard (joking of course, jealous of whoever gets this beauty! :c )

    70. porleg

      Last few vids are pretty reality tv style

    71. 01howardproductions

      That estate left is in cristchurch i saw it the other day

    72. 01howardproductions

      This is a very unsafe car

    73. Λευτέρης Κωστόπουλος

      In greece the balance is super common lol

    74. Niek Aalderink

      I had one of these, a blue estate. Here in the Netherlands they're not that uncommmon.

    75. Nathan Holbrook

      I actually have a set of wheel for sale that would suite that perfectly

    76. hermit

      I've seen a few baleno in India. And by the ways Suzuki skill has new baleno modles

    77. Johan Khadka

      Only the uk market have this mess of light/wiper controls on the opposing side

    78. Johan Khadka

      Indicators/light controls on the right in a rhd vehicle is actualy the correct side. Mostly the european cars in our country like the vw/skoda and a few ssangyongs have this mess.

    79. Johan Khadka

      Wasn't this the cultus crescent in Japan?

    80. Thedriftboi

      I love the baleno

    81. Shaks BNR32

      Certainly not the last Baleno estate on the road. There's a builder on my road who has a blue one which he uses for work.

    82. Luke Salmon

      I can’t understand why some people have put a dislike to this video… do the have no heart ?

    83. nonp

      Its ok,I’ll take public transport,keep it.its rare for a reason..hahahaha

    84. TheChris812

      I have a 1998 Mazda Demio LX 1.3i. Amazing how these old cars run so well and just keep on driving.

    85. Dazza as

      There's hundreds of them here in New Zealand could always chuck one in a shipping container help the breeding program over there

    86. Dylan Cooper

      This is a case of just cause it’s rare doesn’t mean it’s cool I don’t think people knew it existed and after this video they’ll probably forget it

    87. Rohan sen

      I had baleno recently sold it after driving 1,00,000km and I have seen one similar to the one in video in my neighborhood.

    88. Prima Mahardika

      I don't know why but that car looks nice enough for me. Love that.

    89. Scottf14

      My micra has 53k miles now that’s low

    90. CripGrip

      That's Wadebridge in Surrey not Cornwall, wondered why they'd named it Surrey car sales, never realised there was a Wadebridge in Surrey!

      1. David Cross

        They were in Weybridge in Surrey.

    91. Phillip Sharpe

      Definitely click bait, !

    92. Phillip Sharpe

      We never hear about anyone wining the cars on this channel,?😁👍

    93. A design for life

      I had 2 of them i got pics of my green one it was well pimp my ride looked sweet.

    94. Ben

      How is this an old shit box when it's been serviced and looked after for all that time??? 😂

    95. AAR IS TRASH

      Make sure the timing belt has been done?

    96. Ben

      I love the baleno. I had a 2000 baleno sport. Lots of fun with that thing.

    97. MoggaCinoo

      my Dad had a Baleno 4WD hatchback. 100hp and soo fun to drive

    98. TBfilms657

      Wow everyone had these in Finland, such a lame car 😅

    99. Mark C.

      Can’t believe there’s only one left, amazing what cars get forgotten about over the years.

    100. Vibhav Shetgaonkar

      In india it's new generation is one of the highest selling cars PS: the new generation is more of a shitbox for me it's unsafe looks bad and is just awfull